The Energy-Saving Kit is packed with products to help you save energy and money without giving up comfort. The Quick Start Guide inside your box offers tips for even more savings. For help installing the items found in your kit, simply click the arrow next to view installation videos or print installation instructions. If you need further assistance, Contact Us

LED Light Bulb:

Step-up to the latest in energy-efficient lighting. The 9-watt Omni-Directional LED Light Bulb provides 800 lumens of light, equivalent to the 60-watt traditional incandescent bulbs in your home. The 6-watt LED Light Bulbs are equivalent to the 45-watt incandescent bulbs in your home. These ENERGY STAR® rated bulbs feature 80% savings over your old incandescent light bulbs and lasts up to 40,000 hours (20 years).

LED Night Light:

Light the way and save while you sleep. The LED Night Light can be used to guide the way instead of turning on main lights in a room. They also use less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 50 times longer!

Evolve Showerhead with TSV:

Enjoy more, while using less. With the Evolve Showerhead with the Thermostatic Shut-off Valve (TSV) you can keep your routine, and save your hot water. The integrated ShowerStart TSV allows you to effortlessly save the hot water and energy that’s used while waiting for your shower to become warm. It also lets you know when your shower’s ready.

Kitchen Faucet Aerator (1.5 gpm):

Go with the flow and flip on the savings. The Kitchen Faucet Aerator is a must-have in any kitchen. Choose between a spray or stream and adjust the water flow with the flip control. Every kitchen needs one! This high-efficiency Kitchen Faucet Aerator saves water, energy and money.

Bathroom Faucet Aerator:

Start saving water and energy in your bathroom by installing the Bathroom Nub Aerator! The Bathroom Nub aerator works by reducing the flow rate to lessen the amount of energy needed to heat the water running through your faucet. Installing it is quick and easy!

Digital Thermometer:

Test the temp and take control of your savings. The Digital Thermometer is a complete multifunction tool. Use it to check the setting on your water heater, for leaky windows and doors, and check the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer.

Shower Timer:

Become empowered while you shower. The Shower Timer will empower you to conserve water and energy while in the shower. Set to exactly five minutes, this great water-saving device encourages the wise use of water. Simply rotate the shower timer half a turn when you begin your shower, and turn off the shower when the sand runs out.